The Most Common Apple Repairs

While many believe a cracked-screen or damaged component means the end of their beloved device, there are always ways to recover, repair, and resurrect an Apple device. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common fixes to smartphone and idevice blunders that can give your possessions a second-chance!


As you could imagine, the most popular (or unpopular, depending on where you’re standing) damage to Apple devices are broken screens on iPhones. While manufacturers are doing their utmost best to make the screens scratch, dirt, and shock resistance, there’s something that’ll almost always win the war: gravity. Cracked screens can happen to anyone at anytime, which means that screen repairs are often in needed to remedy that display resembling Spider-Man’s favourite artwork.


While we can do a handful of tricks and shortcuts to help them last longer, there is an finite lifespan to smartphone batteries. The more and more we use our smartphones on a daily basis, the more likely that inevitable day when our batteries throw in the towel will come. Batteries can’t be ‘fixed’, but thankfully, a battery replacement is a quick and largely affordable affair, which will help get your device back in the game in no time.


Due to the larger size, the iPad’s digitizer (the glass which covers the LCD display and converts your analogue touches to digital signals) often cracks due to bending, drops, or sheer wear and tear, but don’t beat yourself up about it – it’s a relatively common problem. Digitizers can be replaced fairly easily and while they may carry a cost due to the advancement in digitizer technology, it’s a small price to pay to save an iPad.


Alongside the iPad’s digitizer, the screen itself is a vulnerable component given the dimensions and size of iPad displays. A cracked iPad screen is not ideal, though, and will make using your device quite difficult; but, if the touch functionality is still working and the device operates as normal, then it’s purely a break in the screen, and you’ll be glad to know that an iPad screen replacement is a quick and simple process.

And of course, if any of your Apple devices have had a quick meeting with the gravity or just need a little TLC, get in touch with the guys at ifixStore

The Most Common Apple Repairs
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